Listed below are the early winners of the Waterloo Cup together with their owners, the dog that Ran Up, the Plate and Purse winners. I am grateful to Richard English for helping to construct the pictures of badges shown below.

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EoEred.JPG (36508 bytes) Year Cup Owner Ran Up Purse Plate
1879 Misterton Mr H G Miller Commerce Dear Erin Musical Box
1880 Honeywood Mr R B Carruthers Plunger Shepherdess Debonnaire
1881 Princess Dagmar Mr H G Miller Bishop Sapper Dodger

I am grateful to Olga Solovjova for the rare print of the 1879 Waterloo Cup winner Misterton shown below:-

I am grateful to Nicola Watson for the scan of the 1879 winners shown below.

EoEyellow.JPG (39540 bytes) 1882 Snowflight Capt. Ellis Hornpipe M'Pherson Debonnaire
1883 Wild Mint Mr G J Alexander Snowflight Markham Rota/Manager
1884 Mineral Water Mr C E Marfleet Greentick Escape/Gladys Cocklaw Dene
1885 Bit of Fashion/Miss Glendyne Mr E Dent n/a Masedu Cocklaw Dene

The scan below shows the successful 1884 greyhounds.

EoEBrown.JPG (34675 bytes) 1886 Miss Glendyne Mr R B Carruthers MacPherson Let Go Meols Hero
1887 Greater Scott/Herschel Mr R F Gladstone n/a Alec Ruby Happy Omen/Harpstring
1888 Burnaby Mr L Pilkington Duke MacPherson Miss Glendyne Winfarthing
1889 Fullerton/Troughend Capt. J T North n/a Highness Glenogle
EoEgreen.JPG (31393 bytes) 1890 Fullerton Capt. J T North Downpour Knockninny Boy Jim o' The Hill
1891 Fullerton Capt. J T North Faster and Faster Simonian Rhymes
1892 Fullerton Capt. J T North Fitz Fife Red River Simonian
1893 Character Mr R L Cottrell Button Park Sir Sankey Tasmania/Annihilator
EoEorange.JPG (37018 bytes) 1894 Texture Count Stroganoff Falconer Happy Relic/Pennegant Tasmania/Free Kick
1895 Thoughtless Beauty Mr R B Carruthers Fortuna Favente Word of Honour/Fertile Field Forum
1896 Fabulous Fortune M Fawcett Wolf Hill Biere Reception
1897 Gallant Mr T P Hale Five Happy Sight Under the Globe

Thanks are due to Kiwi Trading for the scan of Gallant shown above, which is currently for sale (March 2013). Interested parties should contact


I am grateful to Andrew Moss (Cumbria) for sharing his research on the Steel family, Tom and Dick were involved with many Waterloo Cup winners.

EoEwhite.JPG (39668 bytes) 1898 Wild Night Mr J Trevor Long Syne Real Turk/Cissy Smith Genetive
1899 Black Fury Mr J B Thompson Lapal Quite Bright/Countess Udston Wild Oats
1900 Fearless Footsteps Mr J H Bibby Lavishly Clothed Gutta-Percha/Long Glass Red Fury
1901 Fearless Footsteps Mr J H Bibby Cleughbrae Agile Spurt Father o'Fire/Cousin Mary
EoEscarlet.JPG (43727 bytes) 1902 Farndon Ferry Mr C F Fawcett Wartnaby Star of Antrim Brokerage/Vindicator
1903 Father Flint Mr J H Bibby Paracelsus Strange Mystery Lonely Star/Mallory
1904 Homfray Mr G Darlinson Minchmuir Priestlaw/Mallory Lonely Star/Prince Plausible
1905 Fighting Fire Mr W H Pawson Prince Plausible The Lion/Fetch Fair Dividend Deferred/Clockluie
EoEBlue.JPG (40205 bytes) 1906 Forgotten Fashion Mr H Hardy Dividend Deferred Formula/Game 'Un Neolithic/Howtown
1907 Long Span Sir R Buchanan-Jardine Glenbridge Shake a Fut/Lottery Mandini/Bachelor's Acre
1908 Hollow Eve Mr E Hulton Silhouette Hydrus/Skiddaw Glacier
1909 Dendraspis Mr J E Dennis & S M Dennis Such A Sell Garpool/Liquid Fuel Long Span/Face The Foe
EoEBlack.JPG (32788 bytes) 1910 Heavy Weapon Mr S Hill-Wood Full Steam Salway Ferry/Sincere Hostage/Back To The Land
1911 Jabberwock Sir R Jardine Silk and Scarlet Full Steam/Sylph Boanerges/Strange Idea
1912 Tide Time Mr J W Fullerton Adversary Fly to the Front/Rostrum Saracen/Grey Muzzle
1913 Hung Well Mr S Hill-Wood Huldee Jonc White Optic/Ballyrameen
EoEGrey.JPG (35952 bytes) 1914 Dilwyn Mr A F Pope Leucoryx Brummagen/Legal Letter Once Australia
1915 Winning Number Sir T Dewar Happy Challenge Jules Mumm/Martini False Forecast/Harmonicon
1916 Harmonicon Mr E Hulton Hopsack Simla/Bryn Peril Bisley/Enoch
1917 Not held due to World War I
EoELBlue.JPG (34762 bytes) 1918 Not Held due to World War I
1919 Victory Cup won by Sir R Jardine's Jakin
1920 Fighting Force Mr N Dunn Honeyman Nimble Naiad Jack-in-Office
1921 Shortcoming Countess of Sefton Jassiona Guards Brigade Diapason
I am grateful to Janice Wanless for the scans of the two bronzes shown above. The left hand bronze is of Fullerton, Waterloo Cup Winner from 1890-92, whilst the right hand bronze is of Farndon Ferry, Waterloo Cup winner in 1902.
EoEMauve.JPG (33221 bytes) EoEwhite2.JPG (36170 bytes) EoEBlack2.JPG (35341 bytes) EoEGreen2.JPG (39553 bytes)
EoEBlue2.JPG (37513 bytes) EoEBlueCC.JPG (30487 bytes) EECC2004.JPG (12888 bytes) EECC2005.JPG (12771 bytes)