Listed below are the early winners of the Waterloo Cup together with their owners, the dog that Ran Up, the Plate and Purse winners. I am grateful to Richard English for helping to construct the pictures of badges shown below.

If you have rare Waterloo Cup badges and artefacts for sale then email johnwslusar@gmail.com

I am grateful to Elle Davies for the photo of Dutton Swordfish, 1944 Waterloo Cup winner, and Jazz Record who Ran Up.

SoE1931.JPG (28637 bytes) Year Cup Owner Ran Up Purse Plate
1922 Guards Bridge Lord Tweedmouth Beaded Bob Tricky Lass Jassiona
1923 Latto Earl of Lonsdale Hidden Screw Gold Harp Shady Business
Latto 1923.JPG (22967 bytes) The scan shows the very rare Waterloo Cup medal commissioned by his owner Lord Lonsdale, and presented to his trainer Dick Steel. The medal, produced by Gerrad & Co., has an enamelled front which contains 8 brilliantly cut diamonds and framing a picture of Latto, the winning greyhound.

It is truly remarkable that the medal has remained in mint condition for over 85 years.

SoE179.JPG (23981 bytes) 1924 Cushey Job Mr A Gordon Smith Whitechapel Honeygirl Gaulstown Gun
1925 Pentonville Mr H C Pilkington Lawman Tyranny Henriette Horn
1926 Jovial Judge Mr J L Jarvis Running Rein Spalding Bard Dig Deep
SoE183.JPG (22464 bytes) 1927 Golden Seal Mr A Gordon Smith Demetrius Harleo Echo Back
1928 White Collar Mrs S Whitburn Hastings Halmirah Golden Speed
1929 Golden Surprise Mr A Gordon Smith Bassoon Hansqua Keen Scrump
SOE1986.JPG (31976 bytes) 1930 Church Street Mr Geo Smith Winspear Barquentine Brand's Essence
1931 Conversion Mr T Cook Had Again Raven's Roost Green Object
1932 Ben Tinto Mr W Ellis Get Off Robin's Wood Swahili
SoE1992.JPG (36647 bytes) 1933 Genial Nobleman Mr J L Jarvis Sold Again Dee Rock Hardell
1934 Bryn Truthful Major H Peel Rustling Reed Constant Final Fight
1935 Dee Rock Mr J E Dennis Joker's Resort Wivenhoe Brio
SoE1993.JPG (25716 bytes) 1936 Hand Grenade Mr J Campbell Rotten Row Wivenhoe Raft Afloat
1937 Rotten Row Mr R Rank Mellow Outlook Bessemer Patient Saint
1938 Perambulate Mr H C Pilkington Rotten Row Broad Light Royal Mail
SoE1994.JPG (31245 bytes) 1939 Delightful Devon Mr H Dyke Dennis Dutton Rock Rambler Rose Fiery Flame
1940 Dee Flint Mr J E Dennis Chancellor Screen/Holystone Night Sporting Speculator
1941 Swinging Light Mr R C Brownlee Stanbridge Selerity Magic Hand String
K&W1999.JPG (11519 bytes) 1942 Swinging Light Mr C Molyneux Cohan Shy Bess Victory Light Dew Prince
1943 Countryman Mr T Cronopolos String Jealous Retort Dew Rodney
1944 Dutton Swordfish Mrs J A Dewar Jazz Record Desert Drive Ann's Junior
K&W2000.JPG (11555 bytes) 1945 Bryn Tritoma Miss G R Allen Joint Command Hylton Right A Head
1946 Maesydd Michael Mrs S Whitburn Job's Comfort Bryn Churchill Rockabye Baby
1947 Constable Mr E Baxter Western Water Fire Flint Traffic Light
K&W2001.JPG (13489 bytes) 1948 Noted Sunlight Mr N Shaw Lady of the Lamp Scandal Maesydd Monarch
1949 Life Line Mr T Holmes Roving Minstrel Scorpion Park Parker
1950 Roving Minstrel Mrs A Rhodes-Moorhouse Scorpion Ivory Castle Jap's Replica
K&W2002.JPG (15412 bytes) 1951 Peter's Poet Sir R W Burbidge Lily of Laguna Record Maker Warrior's Sword
1952 Dew Whaler Mr J A Dewar Bus Conductor Park Pretender Snuff Box
1953 Holystone Lifelong Major G A Renwick Sucker Mouth Organ Maesydd Mitford
K&W2003.JPG (16016 bytes) 1954 Cotton King (see trophies below) Mr T Noble Mayo Post Janitor Agog
1955 Full Pete Major J Fullerton Eton Graduate Peter's Poet VIP
1956 Magical Lore Mr T E Murgatroyd Eternity Ring Champion Times Band Conductor
K&W2004.JPG (14567 bytes) 1957 Old Kentucky Mr J Clarke Dustcoat Holystone Fiction Effie's Gift
1958 Holystone Elf Mr W Proctor Smith Caer Pilot Ardeley Rover Jewelery
1959 Mutual Friend Mr M Forsyth-Forest Linden Calypso Half Mile Blue Lancer
K&W2005.JPG (12924 bytes) 1960 Jonquil Mrs B Kerr Harry Mambo Fan Sir Beerbolm
1961 Dubedoon Mrs A J Morris Lancewood Glitter Bryn Apollo Crazy Salute
Scottish CC 1998.JPG (33256 bytes) 1962 Best Champagne Mr G B Cary Maesydd Majorca Trade Forth Luda Crown
1963 Himalayan Climber Mr P McAlinden Belt Up Helter Skelter Rant and Roar
Scottish CC 1999.JPG (28371 bytes) Scottish CC 2000.JPG (36019 bytes) Scottish CC 2001.JPG (37381 bytes) Scottish CC 2004.JPG (28758 bytes)
SOE100.JPG (14206 bytes)      
I am grateful to the Estate of the late Mrs D M I Angela Evans (nee Noble), who was a direct relation of Mr T Noble owner of the 1954 Waterloo Cup winner., for the scans of the two cups shown above.