Listed below are the early winners of the Waterloo Cup together with their owners, the dog that Ran Up, the Plate and Purse winners. I am grateful to Richard English for helping to construct the pictures of badges shown below.

If you have rare Waterloo Cup badges and artefacts for sale then email johnwslusar@gmail.com

Altcar CC.JPG (29799 bytes) Year Cup Owner Ran Up Purse Plate
1964 Latin Lover Mr L Lucas Frozen Fast Himalyan Climber Barbary Coast
1965 Nicelya Head Mr A H Birtwistle Galleon's Hold Luda Salvo Just Better
1966 Just Better Mr G R Graham Park Plumtree Nicelya Head Sartorius
Altcar CC2.JPG (26585 bytes) 1967 Haich Bee Mr P J Duggan Going Places What a Prince Luda Salvo
1968 Event not held
1969 Event not held
1970 Rodney Magnet Mr S F Land Streak Away Not held Belt Up-Sukey
Altcar CC3.JPG (22708 bytes) 1971 How Clever Earl of Sefton Holly Tree Paddy's House Irate Idol
1972 Linden Eland Mr A S Cathcart Hedera The Gunner Arabian Popcorn
1973 Modest Newdown William Lee High Executioner Multiple Divide Not Held
1973 I am grateful to Adam Lee for informing me that William Lee was the first 'Traveller' to own a Waterloo Cup winner. That winner is shown below.
1974 Event not held
Adam Lee has posted photos of 1973 Waterloo Cup winner Modest Newdown, proudly owned by traveller William Lee.
Altcar CC4.JPG (18904 bytes) 1975 Hardly Ever Mrs D Ellis Hollypark Magpie Not held Robert King
1976 Minnesota Miller Mr M Sullivan Henry Tudor Not held Tippin Around
1977 Minnesota Yank Mr M Sullivan Hollypark Kiwis Not held Not held
1978 Event not held
Alresford CC.JPG (10739 bytes) 1979 Event not held
1980 Event not held
1981 Timworth Edward Lady Turnbull Looks Special Timmy King Serene Jim
1982 Play Solo Mr J N Donaldson Hingham Carney Joke Little Shoe
Clonmel National.JPG (27275 bytes) 1983 Luda Hussar Mr W Burton Fine Words Swashbuckler Little Shoe
1984 Tobertelly Queen Mr W Gaskin Fine Words Some Skunk Widgit
1985 Hear and There Mr W Gaskin Morning Lass Ballyglass Piper Panglow
1986 Event not held
Coquetdale CC.JPG (40009 bytes) 1987 Mousetail Mrs J M Collins Chagall Earl Marshall Glatton General
1988 React Fraggl Mr W Gaskin Craty Roll Hungry Nipper React Molly
CC Medal.JPG (26416 bytes) 1991          
East London CC.JPG (13498 bytes) 1994          
East Riding CC.JPG (21586 bytes) 1997          
Frome CC.JPG (24165 bytes) 2000          
Kenyan CC.JPG (19730 bytes) 2003          
I am grateful to Michael Jones for the pictures shown below. They are by the artist L Crabtree and, although general coursing scenes, they probably depict action from the 1973 Waterloo Cup.
Huntingdon CC 1993.JPG (50870 bytes) Huntungdon CC 1994.JPG (47828 bytes) Ryedale CC 1982.JPG (27717 bytes) Ryedale CC 1983.JPG (25504 bytes)
Ryedale CC 1984.JPG (26239 bytes) Ryedale CC 1988.JPG (55106 bytes) Ryedale CC 1990.JPG (55307 bytes) NCC.JPG (23257 bytes)
MRCC 1903.JPG (12757 bytes) Scottish CC.JPG (42673 bytes) Scottish CC2.JPG (39695 bytes) Sherburn CC1976.JPG (45616 bytes)
Sherburn CC 2005.JPG (31997 bytes) SMCA.JPG (12898 bytes) Stratford CC 1935.JPG (28091 bytes) Sultan 1838.JPG (24030 bytes)
Sussex CC.JPG (15628 bytes) Swaffham2000.JPG (29649 bytes) SwaffhamCC.JPG (26012 bytes) Old Yorkshire CC.JPG (27527 bytes)
Old Yorkshire CC2.JPG (30449 bytes) Old Yorksire CC 1989.JPG (42289 bytes) WoE CC Member.JPG (50481 bytes) WoE CC Running Member.JPG (51635 bytes)
WOEGO.JPG (24740 bytes) WSH.JPG (23441 bytes)
WC 2001.JPG (24130 bytes)
Dunlop.JPG (33998 bytes) Dunlop2.JPG (23209 bytes)