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It is amazing to think that speedway racing took place at two separate venues in the Wombwell area of South Yorkshire in 1929. The track at Ings Road Stadium won the race to be the first to hold a meeting when a meeting was held on a Sunday 14th April of that year. Open racing was held at the track for the remainder of the year.
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Wom47.JPG (8984 bytes) Just down the road at the South Yorkshire Sports Stadium a meeting was held just 25 days later on 9th May 1929. Wom95.JPG (32210 bytes)
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Racing continued at this venue for a longer period of time with Open racing and Northern League action. By 1947 the team had made the third teir of the National League.

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The track had also been used for greyhound racing and continued for a further 9 years after the last speedway racing. Greyhound racing finally ceased in 1957.
SP Key.JPG (26705 bytes) This section gives a comprehensive picture of the badges produced for the team throughout the ages, but only provides the briefest of glimpses of its history. For those wishing to read more widely we recommend a visit to

http://astore.amazon.co.uk/wwwgreyhoundd-21   especially

Complete History of the British League: Speedway

by Peter Oakes  ISBN-10: 0948882077

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Throughout their time the team have been known as the Colliers.

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More detailed information is available from "Homes of British Speedway' by Robert Bamford & John Jarvis

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