Yonkers racecourse.JPG (15654 bytes) YONKERS RACECOURSE  
The Yonkers Racecourse can be found at Yonkers in New York, situated between Yonkers Avenue and Central Park Avenue. It was originally called Empire City Race Track and, when opened in 1899, entirely used for harness racing.
  However, in 1907 it was purchsed by James Butler, who had made his fortune from selling groceries, and relaunched as a hore race track.


The track became famous in 1936 when the great Seabiscuit contested, and won, the Scarsdale Handicap.
  The last flat race meeting to take place at the racecourse was in 1942, and it then reverted to harness racing. Today it is run as Yonkers Raceway purely for harness racing with the principal race being the Messenger Stakes, which forms part of the Harness Racing Triple Crown.


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