Britain's Racing Colours of Famous Owners

Shown below are a number of issues of Britain's Racing Colours of Famous Owners, first issued in 1925 and 1926, but reissued in 1951. It also includes an American Edition issued in 1940 and a Canadian series issued in 1958. If you can offer a picture of an actual model and box not shown below then please email me and I will replace the colours with the actual model.

The 2024 Challenge is to find a photo of each of the almost 300 models produced by the 3 countries. Can you help meet this challenge by supplying a photo of a model and its box missing from the ones shown below, then email me

Total found so far 81 Total still to find 184
A useful reference source for racing colours is The Benson & Hedges Book of Racing Colours published in 1973
No 237 HM The King HRH Princess Elizabeth 1951 No 141 HM Queen Mother 1953 RC 1 HM Queen Elizabeth II
No 63 HH Aga Khan 1936 Lord Ailesbury 1947 No 31 Prince Aly Khan 1955 Lady Ashcombe 1953
No 2 Lord Astor 1926 Audley Farm USA ed. Mr J S Austen 1936 Sir Abe Bailey 1936
E W Bailey E V Bailey C Baillieu Mr A Barclay
Mr William Barnett Mr P T Beasley 1948 Mr W R Beasley Canadian ed. Mrs W V Beatty 1930
Mrs Chester Beatty 1930 Hon Peter Beatty 1938 Mr G Beeby 1936 Mr S Beer 1930
Belair Sud USA ed Mr E H Bell August Belmont 1940 USA ed Captain S Y Bennes
Lord Bernard Lord Bicester 1941 Mr Adam Boazman 1936 Mr W E Boeing
No 144 Marcel Boussac 1952 Mr E R Bradley 1940 USA ed Captain J W Bridges 1936 Sir Richard Brooke 1933
Brookemead Stables 1956 USA ed Mr J Buchanan-Jardine 1927 Sir J Buchanan-Jardine 1930 Mr T D Buhl 1940 USA ed
Mrs J W Burnett Sir Alfred Butt 1938 M M Calmann 1929 Calumet Farm 1953 USA ed
Sir Kenelm Cayley Lord Cavendish 1939 Major H Cayzer 1939 Mr Ben Chafy
Mr W A Chanler 1928 Sir Winston Churchill Mr R S Clarke Mr B H Cochran
Mr Gifford Cochran Mr R W Colling 1930 Mr J Cooper 1933 Mr M S Cooper
Mrs J Corrigan 1938 Major J S Courtauld 1936 Bing Stables Crosby 1940 USA ed Lady Cunard
Sir H Cunliffe-Owen 1936 Lady Cunliffe-Owen 1939 DDD Stable USA ed Mr B D Davis 1936
Mr J Dawson Mrs Deering Howe USA ed Mrs E Denemarke 1940 USA ed No 3 Lord Derby 1926
Mr James A Dewar 1936 Mr G R Digby 1953 Mr N E Dixon Sir Thomas Dixon 1936
Major T Dixon Mr P Dunne 1936 Lord Durham 1936 Mr T A Edge 1928
Sir F Eley Earl of Ellesmere 1933 Captain Charles F Elsey 1927 Victor Emmanuel
Mrs E Esmond 1933 Princess de Faucigny-Lucinge 1933 No 150 Mr J E Ferguson 1954 Mr G T Fisher
Mrs R W Foster 1930 Foxcatcher Farm USA ed No 237 Major Noel Furlong 1936 Mr C E Furry USA ed
No 148 Gaekwar of Baroda 1954 Gain Hoy Stable 1955 USA ed Lord Gainsborough 1954 Lord Glanely 1936
Mr M J Gleeson 1952 Glen Riddle Farm 1953 USA ed Mrs Corlette Glorney 1936 Mr C W Gordon 1930
Greentree Stables 1940 USA ed Lady Grimthorpe Mr A D C Halford Mr F T Halse 1930
Mr G W Hands 1936 Mrs A E Harbord Lord Harewood 1941 Mr M H Harris
Mr F Hartigan 1930 Mr G F X Hartigan 1933 Lord Hartington 1947 Hatchway Park Jockey Club
Mr H P Headley Mr H Herendeen Mrs Hilliar Major L B Holliday
Mr J P Hornung 1936 Charles S Howard 1953 USA ed Mr Manuel Howard Mr Owen Howells
Sir Charles Hyde Mr M Hyman Mrs Hyman 2nd colours Mr D H Jackson
Mr C Jarvis 1936 No 147 Mr J L Jarvis 1954 Sir John Jarvis Mr H J Joel 1953
Mr S B Joel 1930 1st colours Mr S B Joel 2nd colours Duke of Kent King Ranch 1955 USA ed
Lanson Farms 1958 Canadian ed Larch Hills Stables USA ed Lord Latymer 1941 Mr G F Leader 1930
Mr Felix Leach 1930 Mr Felix Leach junior 1930 Mr D O' Leahy 1930 Lt-Commander E W B Leake 1936
Mr G Leonard Lady Lindsay 1936 Sir David Llewellyn Lord Londonderry 1926
Earl of Lonsdale 1933 Mrs F Lorne 1952 Mr J H Loucheim 1940 USA ed Mr Bing Lun
Mr A K Macomber Mr J R Macomber USA ed Mr A H Macaulay 1926 Maloney & Smythe 1958 Canadian ed
Mr Marshall Field 1940 USA ed Mr H W Maxwell 1940 USA ed Mr John McShain Meadown Stable USA ed
Jacques M Meller 1938 Mr Z G Michalinos 1930 Lord Mildmay of Fleet 1936 Lord Mildmay of Fleet 2nd cols 1936
No 145 Lord Milford 1954 Milky Way Farm 1953 USA ed Mrs G Butt Miller Lord Milton 1936
Captain Lionel Montagu 1934 Mr H E Morriss Mr J Murray Mr C Musker
Sir Robin McAlpine 1936 Major D McCalmont 1936 Mrs McDonald-Buchanan 1938 Mr R S McLaughlin 1958
Mr E B McLean Mr K McLean Mr H C McNally Mr H C McNally (Royal Danieli) 1938
Mr F S Myerscough 1928 Magill Napper Mr O W Nicholson 1930 No 142 Duke of Norfolk 1953
Duchess of Norfolk Duchess of Norfolk 1938 only Mr J Olding 1954 Countess Orssich
Mr E C Paget 1936 No 64 Miss Dorothy Paget 1936 Corning Parker Mr W Parsonage 1936
Mr M D Peacock 1930 Mr H Pelleteri Lord Portal 1936 Duke of Portland 1936 1st colours
Duke of Portland 1936 2nd colours Lord Portman Mr Thomas Pratt HH Maharaja of Rajpipla
Rancocas Stable USA ed Mr James V Rank 1953 Mrs J V Rank 1954 Mrs C Rich 1936
Mr Sam Riddle USA ed Mr R T Rimell 1930 Mr A C Roberts Mr Henry Roberts 1938
Mr N Robinson Mr Edward Robson No 6 Lord Rosebery 1926 Mrs Rotenson
Mr Anthony de Rothschild 1937 Mr J A de Rothschild 1937 No 149 Baron Guy de Rothschild 1954 Mr R Rounds 1938
Sage Stables USA ed Sanford Stud Farm USA ed No 8 Sir Victor Sassoon 1954 Mrs Scott 1938
Seagram Stables 1958 Canadian ed Mr W Seaward 1936 Lord Sefton No 1463 Mrs J de Selincourt 1936
Mr E D Shaffer USA ed Mr Washington M G Singer 1936 Mr C B Snaffer Mr J B Snow 1933
Mr J H Soughien Mr R James Speers 1958 Canadian ed Stafford Farms 1958 Canadian ed Lord Stanley 1936
Dr A Y Syme Mr E S Tattersall 1930 Mr F A P Tattersall 1951 Mr D Taylor
Mr E P Taylor 1958 Canadian ed Mr W Thomas Mr V T Thompson 1927 Mr W H Thorpe 1936
Mr Alfred G Vanderbilt 1940 USA ed Mrs F M Vangenpol Mr M Vasey 1927 No 146 Mme Leon Volterra
Mr C Wadia 1930 Lord Howard de Walden Mr T Walls 1936 Miss D Walter
Warn Stable USA ed Mr B Warner 1936 Mr Warrel Wright Mr Warren Wurist
Mr R F Watson 1933 Wheatley Stables 1940 USA ed Mr C V Whitney 1st cols 1940 USA Mr C V Whitney 2nd cols 1940 USA
Mr Jock H Whitney 1940 USA ed Mrs Jock Whitney USA ed Mr C D Widener USA ed Mr G P Widener USA ed
Mr J E Widener 1940 USA ed Mr J Wilkinson Captain A S Wills 1936 Captain A S Wilson
Colonel Guy Wilson 1933 Sir Burbridge Woodman Mr William Woodward 1933 Lord Woolavington 1926
Mr Stanley Wootton 1936 No 153 Mr S Wootton 1954 Mr Wallace Wyllie Marquis of Zetland 1930

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